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Entrepreneurial Ideas for the Unemployed

As I was driving to the office this morning I saw a hand written sign on the median that said “gutter cleaning starting at $35”. Since I have an entrepreneurial mindset, this sign made me start thinking about all the random things I could do for money if I was having a tough time making ends meet. I realized I’ve got many miscellaneous skills of value.  I could do handyman work (like gutter cleaning), CAD drafting, property management, auto repair, small business accounting, etc. Any one of these things could be a potential money making business. However, I love what I do and I keep plenty busy so you won’t see me starting a third business anytime soon.

I know there are a lot of unemployed people out there in this current economy, 9% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I’m sure most of those unemployed have some a few skills or talents of some sort. So, my suggestion to you if you find yourself unemployed is to start a business while you continue looking for work. Consider a side business even if you are employed but could use some extra cash. Who knows what it could grow into! The advantage too starting a business in a down economy is when the economy grows, so can your business and you can ride the curve up.

If you have a passion or a hobby, find a way to make money doing what you love. For example, my mom collected decorative buttons for years and one day decided to turn it into a business. Now my parents run a great business called Button Images based on my Mom’s hobby. Another example is a friend who got laid off a few years ago. He always loved to build things and somebody asked him to build them a deck. Now, a few years later he’s running his own remodeling business and becoming successful.

If you can’t think of a hobby or skill to turn into an income stream you may be over thinking it. There are plenty of things that could help you develop an extra stream of income. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • gutter cleaning
  • yard raking
  • snow shoveling
  • child care
  • dog grooming
  • lawn mowing
  • craft making
  • house cleaning
  • painting
  • handyman work
  • artwork
  • photography
  • delivery driver
  • run errands for people
  • detail cars

My main point here is; there is always something you can do to make money. Yes, they all require work, but working for yourself can be extremely rewarding and freeing. Lastly, when you’re out there doing work on your own, stay positive and believe in yourself. You never know who is watching. The person whose house you’re cleaning could be the referral to your dream job!


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