Keith and Kinsey's Real Estate Update

Home Build – The Plans

In my last post about building our home, I talked about making modifications to the builder’s plans. Since then, we have received a revised set of plans and made a few more changes. Kinsey & I are to the point where most of the changes being made are very minor. We added two windows to the garage, shifted a few doors and adjusted a wall. Now, I think we’ve got a good set of plans that meets all of our wants and needs.

At this point, the builder will send out the plans to get bids from sub-contractors.  We have given him the name of a few contractors from our preferred provider list who we would like to bid the job. These are contractors who we have had good experiences with in the past or who our colleagues, clients, and friends have highly recommended.  Of course, multiple sub-contractors will be bidding the work, and hopefully our preferred people will be competitive. We will almost certainly use Kinsey’s stepdad at Isthmus Electric as an electrician. We can only hope at this point that pricing comes in within our budget range. If not, we’ll be looking for ways to cut costs.

The next thing we’ll be working on is meeting with the cabinet and flooring suppliers to start picking out some finishes. This will be a challenge, as I know we’ll be tempted to get a few upgrades. Although, we are trying hard not to nickle and dime this out of reality. So, we have asked the builder to give the supplier a budget and limit us to options within our range. Pray for me that Kinsey doesn’t break the bank. 😉


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I like it!!! Have you decided on the color of siding yet?
You guys have a very well planned out house. Kins, remember you always wanted a window seat in the bedroom??

Comment by Sandy

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