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Home Build – The Rock
March 29, 2012, 7:06 am
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In our last home build blog, we talked about signing the building contract, and picking out some more finishes. Since then we’ve lined up insurance, had an appraisal, and finalized the construction loan. Of course, we are still trying to plan out the little details in the house, too.
With everything lined up and ready to go, we can now close on the lot and start building. We’ve got a closing scheduled for this coming Monday, and the builder is just waiting for the go head. There’s even a backhoe sitting on our lot already. The builder tells us he will be scraping dirt on Tuesday, surveying on Wednesday, digging on Thursday, and starting on footings by Friday.

The big talk in the neighborhood has been “The Rock”. Our lot had a huge rock sitting on it that the developer had just left there years ago. We talked about the possibility of keeping it because it seemed like a fun thing for kids to climb on down the road. Although, this rock took up a good chunk of yard space, and it would be nearly impossible to move out between houses later. The developer planned to get rid of it, so we told him to go head. In any case, we came to find out that the rock was kind of a congregating place for the neighborhood kids. We have several friends that live in the neighborhood and have already met a few neighbors. It seems like every time we talk to someone in the neighborhood they ask “what are you going to do with the rock?”  We kind of feel bad getting rid of a neighborhood landmark, and wondered if it could be moved to the nearby park. However, it turns out the developer has already started to smash it up in order to move it out. Hopefully the neighborhood kids will forgive us.

We are excited to get this property closed and get the construction started!

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They will forgive you and find a new place to congregate. Looking forward to having you as neighbors!

Comment by Karen

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