Keith and Kinsey's Real Estate Update

Home Build – Week 2

It was pretty exciting early this week with the home build. The foundation was completed and a temporary electrical service was installed. After the forms came off the foundation though, there was no action the rest of the week. The foundation needs several days of curing to solidify enough to back-fill against it.The back-filling will happen this coming week, and we should see framing starting soon.

We had a meeting with the builder on Wednesday primary for getting some buyer clients of ours rolling with their construction through the same builder. However, the builder mentioned he had the framers lined up for our house, and he was ordering doors and windows soon. Which reminds me… we still need to pick a front door!

Foundation Forms

Completed Foundation

Completed Foundation

Temporary Electrical Service

14 days in and it’s moving right along! 106 days to go!

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[…] have time to coordinate between all the trades myself. We’d probably still be stuck in week 2 if we had attempted this ourselves. So, thank you Dave at Trademark Homes for managing everything […]

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