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Home Build – Week 7

Last weekend we got to do a little work on the house ourselves. We ran some speaker wires for surround sound and cat5 cables for data. Thanks to the guys at Isthmus electric for being flexible with my requests for audio, video, and data provisions! They ran tubing so we can pull cables between the TV, DVR and receiver later. They also ran HDMI cables in the wall, and prepped our office for a wall mounted monitor/TV. Isthmus even set things up so we could install a heater in the garage and run a compressor or welder circuit later.

Also near the end of last week we signed off on having our lender release money to the builder for partial construction. Since we are carrying our own construction financing, the bank splits up payments to the builder based on the phase of construction. The lender sends out an inspector to ensure that construction has been completed to the extent that they’d expect for the amount of money that they will release.

Mid week the walls were insulated and all the penetrations got filled with foam (houses are so much better insulated these days than they use to be). Late this week the driveway was poured and siding and drywall began.

In addition to all the excitement listed above, we had our first three change orders. This means that we asked for some changes from the original plans and specs. So, the builder had to add to his fees. Our changes were; countertop edging, a gas line to the garage, and a wider than standard driveway. None of these were absolutely necessary, but we’ve been pinching pennies thus far and we decided to spring for a few more wants rather than wish we had later. No more changes though, hold us to it!

sealed holes between floors (this wouldn’t have been done just a few years ago).

Insulation completed, drywall starting.

siding in progress

Driveway and Walkway

Day 49 – 71 days and counting.


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