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Home Build – Week 13
June 30, 2012, 7:27 am
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This week in our home build the plumbing fixtures and countertops got installed. The countertops brought some excitement and some disappointment. We love the countertop selections that we chose, and they look great in the house. However, we had been under the impression the snack bar portion would be a separate raised piece. The plans showed a dashed line at the back of the sink base and dishwasher, which we thought was a change in elevation, but this was just the back of the cabinets. It was never clearly defined or shown anywhere on the kitchen and cabinet details. I guess we should have asked more questions on that topic since it lacked a little detail on the drawings (me of all people should know better). In any case, it looks great, and isn’t a big deal. It’s just not what we were expecting.

We had one other little snag this week. We got an email from the lighting supplier saying that 4 of our light fixtures were back ordered. One fancy light fixture for our office, which Kinsey spent a lot of time selecting, is back ordered until mid to late July. The others were for the 2 extra bedrooms and walk in closet, and those weren’t going to be in until August. Since the office fixture was rather unique we decided to wait for that one. We can temporarily cap the box in the ceiling to get an occupancy permit if it comes to that. The others were rather basic fixtures which we just replaced with some lights from Menards, canceled the order, and asked the builder for a credit.


1/2 Bath

1/2 Bath


Day 91 – 20 Days and counting.


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