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Benefits of A Buyers Agent
November 9, 2012, 11:30 am
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A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the home buying process and picking a real estate agent. Although, I never really explained why you should have a buyer’s agent. There are tons of benefits to using a buyers agent! They will:

  1. Talk through your financials and recommend a mortgage lender who will work well for your needs.
  2. Analyze your wants and needs to help determine your requirements for a home and location.
  3. Guide you to homes that fit your criteria. Ask your agent to set up a search that will notify you every time there is a new listing or price change meeting your criteria.
  4. Educate you about the current market and help you make a wise decision on which home to choose.
  5. Look at comparable sales to determine a reasonable purchase price on the home you choose.
  6. Walk you through an offer contract and help you determine all the terms required in the contract to meet your needs.
  7. Negotiate on your behalf. Real estate professionals are trained negotiators and can often get a better price then a consumer can on their own.
  8. Keep you on track to meet all the dates and requirements outlined in your contract.
  9. Recommend inspectors and testers who will provide you knowledgeable input on the condition of your future home.
  10. Coordinate with the lender, inspector, title company, and listing agent to get everything ready for closing.
  11. Solve any problems that may arise related to the contract, financing, inspection, title, etc.
  12. Get the deal closed so you can start moving into your new home!

….and best of all…

In most cases you don’t have to pay a penny for the buyer’s agent, they’ll split the commission paid by the seller with the listing agent. For more info on this see How Does a Buyers Agent Get Paid. Don’t believe the lie that you get a better deal without a buyer agent.

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Thanks for the breakdown! I think a lot of people will find this list very helpful!

Comment by Durango Real Estate Broker

[…] benefits of an agent’s knowledge, expertise, and negotiating skills. See our post about the benefits of a buyer’s agent for more info on how they can […]

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